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Lecture 2.1 Beer History

Homo heidelbergensis homo heidelbergensis was a

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Unformatted text preview: chew. It even provides a source of warmth that can help people stay in one location during the cold months. What does this mean for beer? Fire heats water. Hot water helps mash grain to convert starch into simple sugars. Imagine making gruel (smashed grain + water) thousands of years ago. If you were a good gruel- maker, you probably were able to make your gruel taste slightly sweet by not heating it to the boiling point, but instead heating it to a mashing point. If the gruel was further boiled, people probably appreciated the safe form of food and water, as boiling killed harmful organisms in the water. The ancients knew nothing of microorganisms or amylase, but fire would have allowed them to leverage heat to initiate...
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