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Lecture 2.1 Beer History

If the gruel was further boiled people probably

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Unformatted text preview: o food. I am also including the creation of storage vessels, which could serve as fermentation vessels, in the definition of tools. What does this mean for beer? Grain is very hard, so tools helped break open the grain. The grinding of grain is important for exposing the starch found inside to amylase which can convert it into fermentable simple sugars when the ground grain is steeped in warm water. With table sugar nonexistent and honey difficult to obtain, humans would have found the sweet solution very pleasing. Storing this sweet solution in vessels for a week would likely have resulted in a fermentation process and beer. Five Keys to Beer: Control over Fire Fire allows you to cook food and make it safe to eat. It allows you to boil foods in water to make them softer and easier to...
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