Lecture 2.1 Beer History

It reads like a raunchy romance novel beer in ancient

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Unformatted text preview: terways, further fouling the water. Because beer is heated during the brewing process and alcohol is produced, the ancients inadvertently killed off the harmful microorganisms in the water. Therefore, beer became a good source of clean water in ancient times. Three keys to survival of civilization 3. Sex When food and clean water are plentiful, the population typically increased in ancient civilizations. Therefore, sex was an important part of maintaining a healthy civilization. With low population growth rates even in good times, it was imperative to encourage reproduction. Beer helped encourage reproduction by lowering inhibitions and increasing amorous feelings. Nature did the rest. Tavern Talk Beer or Bread: Which came first? There is a lively debate about which came first, bread or beer? Boiling grains into a gruel was probably the first way in which grain was processed for consumption, but did gruel lead first to bread or to beer. Ancients might have discovered that too little water led to a thick, chewy gruel. Alternatively, they might have left a thinner gruel sitting around a while until...
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