Lecture 2.1 Beer History

Subsequent passage of the volstead act enforces the

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Unformatted text preview: to ensure healthy development. Beer in Europe Spread of Beer into Europe Hops first added to beer (~750 AD) • • • Beer became a popular product produced in the monasteries of Europe. Beer was produced to raise funds for charity. Beer was produced as a liquid bread to be consumed by the monks during times of fasting from solid food (the Lenten period before Easter). • • Experimentation with beer by monks led to the addition of hops or other herbs to better preserve the beer. In addition to flavoring and bittering compounds, hops naturally contain anti- microbial compounds, which help prevent or delay spoilage of the beer. German Beer Purity Law (1516 AD) • • • • • The German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) was established in 1516 AD by Duke Wilhelm IV to put an...
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