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Lecture 2.1 Beer History

Tavern talk did you know the earliest accounts of

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Unformatted text preview: (up to 1 year) • 20% mortality for Egyptian toddlers (up to age 5) Life expectancy was not good: • Average age of adults at death 30- 40 years • Annual population growth (less than 0.1%) • 90% of adults were illiterate Three keys to survival of civilization When life is tough and mortality is so high, civilizations often existed on the edge of passing into history. The keys to survival of ancient civilizations can be captured by examining three key topics, starting with food. 1. Plentiful food Farming led humans out of their exclusively hunting and gathering ways, providing a more consistent, more plentiful source of food. In particular, the cultivation of grain led to surpluses that could be used for brewing beer without resulting in starvation. 2. Clean water Water was full of disease in ancient times, and there was no knowledge of the microscopic organisms causing the disease. To compound matters, civilizations located near wa...
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