Lecture 2.1 Beer History

To compound matters civilizations located near

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Unformatted text preview: Homo neanderthalensis, so it is unclear if cultural mixing played a role in the creation of beer. Tavern Talk Did modern humans really invent beer? Modern humans had all the technologies to invent beer, but their time coincided with Neanderthals. There is clear evidence of contact between the two species, and there is clear evidence that Neanderthals knew how to make gruel from grain and water. If airborne yeast were to settle in gruel that was left unattended for a week, a crude form of beer would have developed. Thus, it is entirely possible (but without concrete evidence) that Neanderthals could have enjoyed beer. However, the lack of evidence for Neanderthal agriculture would have made it difficult to obtain enough grain to make beer a constant part of...
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