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Linguistics 9/26/07 Rogal The International Phonetic Alphabet - The “orthography” of phoneticians, because standard spellings are not always accurate for pronunciation - 107 distinct letters, when there are 2 symbols in a single box, the one on the left represents the voiceless sound, right represents voiced sound. - Shaded areas are articulations that have been deemed impossible. - Postalveolar = Dentalveolar - Plosive = Stop - Affricates are produced with a stop followed by a fricative, such as in chat, jazz or Charlie - VOT = Voice Onset Time - Aspirated: pin, teen, keen
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Unformatted text preview: - Unaspirated: spin, stick, skin- There are more than 5 vowels in English. This common idea is based on the orthography of English. Vowel Classification- Height: The position of the tongue body with respect to the vertical axis (High: I/ee)- Frontness/Backness: The position of the tongue body with respect to the horizontal axis (Back: u/oo)- Rounding: The configuration of the lips: spread, rounded or protruded (Low: a)-Ending Front vs Ending Back : hate/height vs hoed, how’d-Vowels that do not change during the entire duration are called monothongs,...
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  • International Phonetic Alphabet, voice onset time, tongue body, hoed, Rogal The International Phonetic Alphabet

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