Chapter 3 Outline

Based off of food cost often ignoring housing

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Unformatted text preview: 4 go on to college 6. Rely on public assistance 7. 3rd or 4th generation to live in poverty vi. Underclass 1. Low incomes who continually struggle with economic problems b. Poverty i. Poverty Thresholds 1. Federal government establishes the level 2. Based off of food cost often ignoring housing, transportation, energy 3. $20,650 a year 4. 1/5 students lived in poverty 5. Food Programs a. 1/3 eligible for free or reduced ­price federal lunch program b. $27,650 eligible for free breakfast c. $39,220 eligible for 30 cent breakfasts and 40 cent lunches d. 6/10 families who qualified participate in the program, the rest too proud or didn’t know 6. Integrated by Income Programs a. High concentration of students from poverished backgrounds limit a school’s ability to meet students’ learning needs b. Magnet schools, vouchers, busing ii. Homelessness 1. 500, 000 ­1 million children are home...
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