Chapter 3 Outline

Chapter 3 Outline

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Unformatted text preview: ed viii. Teacher’s role 1. Talk with your students 2. No tolerance policy b. Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs i. Drug and Alcohol use declined ii. True, but still a problem c. Obesity i. Schools role 1. Eliminate recess 2. PE declined 3. Fatty Foods and Sodas ii. Legislatures 1. Stricter nutritional guidelines for school lunches d. Crime and Violence i. Trends 1. Incidence of violence in schools is declining 2. Students are safer in schools than on the streets where they live 3. School violence is more common in some school contexts than in others ii. Bullying 1. A systematic or repetitious abuse of power between students 2. School wide Safety Programs a. Zero ­Tolerance Policies i. Automatic suspensions or expulsions as punishment for certain offenses Technology and Teaching a. Cyber Bullying i. A new form of bullying that occurs when students use electronic media...
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