Chapter 3 Outline

Immunizations 4 nutritionweight management 5

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Unformatted text preview: protected from civil and criminal liability if the report is made honestly and includes behavioral data At ­Risk Students a. At ­Risk Students i. Are in danger of failing to complete their education with the skills necessary to function effectively in modern society b. Dropout Problems i. Factors 1. Low SES/poverty 2. Transient/Homeless 3. Divorced Families 4. Inner City 5. Minority 6. Nonnative English Speaker 7. Environments with Alcohol and Drug Abuse 8. High Neighborhood Criminal Activity Rats It Takes a Village: The community based approach to working with at ­risk children a. Full ­service schools i. Serve as family resource centers that provide a range of social and health services 1. Child care 2. Medical and dental screening 3. Immunizations 4. Nutrition/weight management 5. Employment and housing assistance 6. Legal and immigration advice 7. Individual counseling 8. Substance abuse treatment 9. Recreation sports, and culture 10. Parent educations X. 11. After school ­ teacher assistance with homework ii. School Development Program 1. Integrates schools and the community by bringing principals, teachers, and parents together in school planning and management teams 2. Teachers role is a partner in the community Promoting Student Resilience a. Resilient students i. At ­risk students w...
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