Chapter 3 Outline

Neglected appearance ii sudden changes in either

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Unformatted text preview: to harass or intimidate other students Suicide a. Third leading cause of teen deaths b. Indicators i. An abrupt decline in the quality of schoolwork ii. Withdrawal from friends classroom and school activities iii. Neglect of personal appearance or radical changes in personality iv. Changes in eating or sleeping habits v. Depression vi. Student comments about suicide as a solution to problems VI. VII. VIII. IX. Zero Tolerance a. Critics i. Suspension rates increased ii. After being expelled students are sent home and on the streets, often causing more problems iii. Expelled students fall further behind iv. Inconsistent Child Abuse a. Signs i. Neglected appearance ii. Sudden changes in either academic or social behavior iii. Disruptive or over complaint behavior iv. Repeated injuries such as bruises, welts, burns b. Teacher’s role i. Legally bound to report suspected child abuse and...
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