Chapter 3 Outline

Sex education 1 parents want sex education provided

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Unformatted text preview: alk, encourage, and help their child and some of high SES do not ii. Teachers CAN make a difference Changes in our Students a. Sexuality i. Facts 1. 1/10 had sex before the age 13 2. More than 10% of 10th graders had sex with more than four or more sex partners ii. Teenage Pregnancy 1. Affects the mom a. Mature too quickly b. Often live in poverty c. Typically drop out of school 2. Affects the child a. Lack prenatal care iii. Sexually Transmitted Diseases iv. Sex Education 1. Parents WANT sex education provided for their children v. Sexual orientation and Identity 1. Three Phase Sequence a. Feeling different b. Feeling of confusion c. Acceptance vi. Sexual Harassment IV. V. 1. Unwanted and/or unwelcome sexually oriented behavior that interferes with a student’s life vii. Supreme Court 1. Holds school districts legally responsible in cases where sexual harassment is reported but not correct...
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