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Socioeconomic status i the combination of family

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Unformatted text preview: use the phone to seek help, make healthy snacks, and spend time wisely The Influence of Socioeconomic Factors on Students a. Socioeconomic Status i. The combination of family income, parents’ occupations, and level of parental education ii. Upper Class 1. Highly educated 2. Bachelor’s degree or higher 3. 170,000 dollars a year 4. 5% of the population but own up to 60% of country’s wealth iii. Middle Class 1. White ­collar workers 2. Teachers are in this category 3. $40,000 ­$170,000 a year 4. 4/10 families iv. Working Class 1. Lower middle class 2. 1/3 of the population 3. Steady blue ­collar job (manual labor) 4. $25,000 a year 5. High school educated 6. College is a reality for a third of the class v. Lower class 1. $25,000 a year 2. High school educated or less 3. Low ­paying entry jobs 4. 1 of 5 families 5. Only half of the families complete high school and 1 of...
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