Chapter 3 Outline

A talk with experienced teachers about community

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Unformatted text preview: less a. 1/5 of homeless children fail to attend school regularly b. 3X more likely to repeat a grade c. 4X more likely to drop out of school 2. How schools help a. Outreach programs b. c. d. e. III. Counselors After school programs Financial aid for transportation Connect with outside agencies to help with food and shelter 3. What should you do as a teacher? a. Talk with experienced teachers about community resources for these students and families, and then tell the parents b. Care and flexibility are crucial c. Socioeconomic Status and School Success i. Parents’ Education affects the students success 1. Fulfillment of basic needs 2. Family stability 3. School ­related experiences 4. Interaction patterns in the home 5. Parental attitudes and values d. SES: Some Cautions and Implications for Teachers i. Can’t stereotype all children from that class 1. Some parents low SES t...
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