Ethical Chapter Outline

Academic freedom 1 refers to the right of teachers to

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Unformatted text preview: riod before tenure is granted a. Commonly 3 years 2. Yearly contract and can be dismissed for a variety of reasons 3. Reduction in Force a. The elimination of teaching positions because of declining student enrollment of school funds b. Dismiss teachers with the least seniority i. First one’s in you’re the last one out b. Academic Freedom i. Academic freedom 1. Refers to the right of teachers to choose both content and teaching methods based on their professional judgment 2. Limitations cause the teacher to be dismissed a. Consider i. Teacher’s goal in discussing a topic or using a method ii. The age of the students involved iii. The relevance of the materials to the course iv. The quality of general acceptance of the questioned material or methods v. The existence of policies related to the issue 3. Controversial Topics a. They fall within the scope of the assigned curriculum b. Should have clear goals in mind and be able to defend them if objections arise c. Check with the prin...
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