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Copyright laws i copyright laws 1 federal laws

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Unformatted text preview: cipal or other school administrator 4. Grading a. Free to assign the grades you deem appropriate i. Consistent with accepted practice in the school and district ii. Must justify the grade with evidence based on student performance 5. Teachers have the legal right to determine what is taught in their classrooms a. TRUE: Academic freedom allows teachers to select content for their classroom if the content is appropriate for their students and teaching assignment c. Copyright Laws i. Copyright laws 1. Federal laws designed to protect the intellectual property of authors ii. Fair ­use guidelines 1. Policies that specify limitations in the use of copyrighted materials for educational purposes d. Teacher Liability i. In Loco Parentis IV. 1. Requires teachers to use the same judgment and care as parents in protecting the children under their supervision ii. Negligence 1. Teacher’s or other school employee’s failure to exercise sufficient care in prote...
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