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Ethical Chapter Outline

Grievance a when teachers feel their contract isnt

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Unformatted text preview: school board 2. May include extra curricular iii. Collective Bargaining 1. Occurs when a local chapter of a professional organization negotiates with a school district over the rights of the teachers and the conditions of employment 2. Grievance a. When teachers feel their contract isn’t being met b. A formal complaint against an employer alleging unsatisfactory working conditions c. Teacher’s cannot be dismissed for filing a grievance 3. Strike a. Some states limit strike because the public good would be hindered iv. Tenure 1. Legal safeguard that provides job security by preventing teacher dismissal without due cause 2. Protect teachers from political or personal abuse 3. Ensure the stability of the teaching force 4. Teachers should be hired and fired on their professional merits and not because of personal connections or political views 5. Can be dismissed if a. Incompetence, immoral behavior, insubordination, unprofessional conduct v. Dismissal 1. Probationary pe...
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