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Ethical Chapter Outline

Provide parents access to their childs records c

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Unformatted text preview: erfere with the educational mission of the schools ii. School news paper b. Student Dress code i. Clothing that is prohibited and clothing that is required 1. If it is distraction that it can be banned ii. What is written on the shirt 1. If it can negatively effect the school c. School Uniforms d. e. f. g. i. In against to gang clothing ii. Courts have generally agreed go support uniforms because it improves student behavior Permissible Search and Seizure i. School must have probable cause to conduct the search and that they must have reasonable suspicion that the student being searched deserves the treatment ii. Strip searches 1. Illegal iii. Urine tests 1. Random drug testing of athletes is legal 2. Prohibiting school wide drug testing Student Records and Privacy i. Buckley Amendment 1. Federal Act that makes a school records accessible to students and their parents a. Inform parents of their rights regarding their child’s record b. Provide parents access to their child’s records c. Maintain procedures that allow...
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