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Religion in the curriculum i evolution 1 scopes

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Unformatted text preview: ion b. Free exercise clause i. The clause that prohibits the government from interfering with individuals’ rights to hold religious beliefs and freely practice religion c. Prayer in schools i. Officially sanctioned prayer and religious symbols, whether they come from school boards, principals or teachers, are not allowed in public schools ii. They can’t prohibit students from privately praying 1. Prayer before football game? 2. Graduation? 3. Moment of silence? V. d. Religious Clubs and Organizations i. Legal for extracurricular religious clubs to meet on schools grounds 1. What about the Ku Klux Klan? ii. Use of federally funded computers and library books for Catholic schools in Louisiana e. Religion in the Curriculum i. Evolution 1. Scopes Monkey Trial a. Found the teacher wrong for teaching evolution 2. Balanced Treatment Act a. Requiring that evolution and creationism be given equal treatment in the curriculum i. Supreme Court didn’t allow it ii. Intelligent design 1. Supr...
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