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Violate both legal and ethical standards iv drug

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Unformatted text preview: cting students from injury 2. Field trips, playgrounds, science labs 3. National Science Teachers Association a. Provide guidelines to help teachers avoid liability ­causing situations e. Child Abuse i. All 50 States and the District of Columbia have laws requiring educators to report suspected child abuse f. Teachers’ Private Lives i. Notoriety 1. The extent to which a teacher’s behavior becomes known and is controversial ii. Consider the community in which you live and teach 1. Homosexuals? 2. Pregnant but not married? iii. Sexual lives 1. Private unless with a student 2. Violate both legal and ethical standards iv. Drug offenses, excessive drinking, driving under the influence, felony arrests, misdemeanor, shoplifting v. TEACHERS ARE LEGALLY AND ETHICALLY REQUIRED TO BE GOOD ROLE MODELS FOR THEIR STUDENTS vi. Teachers with Aids 1. Teachers with aids are protected because they don’t pose a threat to students Religion and the Law a. Establishment Clause i. The clause that prohibits the establishment of a national relig...
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