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Unformatted text preview: ional security is at stake. Examples: ­­Pentagon papers, 1970s ­­Desert Storm 1991 press pool ­­GITMO The Pentagon Papers 1971 The Pentagon Papers 1971 Daniel Ellsberg Richard Nixon 5d, 5e: Concurrent and Reserved 5d, 5e: Concurrent and Reserved Powers Concurrent Powers: what is shared, and how, by federal and local governments ­­ taxes: who has the burden? ­­ military reserves, national guard. ­­Iraq, national guard. Reserved: what is local jurisdiction ­­health codes ­­morality laws ­­public safety II. Individual Rights II. Individual Rights Bill of Rights: Amendments 1­10 Issues of contention: 1. Meaning of language 2. Incorporation ­­Total: Supreme Court applies all amendments to states. Supreme Court is final word. ­­Selective: Supreme Court only applies parts of amendments to states.States left to interpret amendments 3. Which rights REALLY exist (privacy)? 1st Amendment: “Preferred Freedoms” Religion: wh...
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