Final Essay(End of the Affair and Jane Eyre)

Final Essay(End of the Affair and Jane Eyre) - GHUM 200...

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GHUM 200 Sec . 2 13 December 2007 The use of symbols in a novel can greatly strengthen the connections between characters, events and themes. Symbolism can contribute to the tying together of a novel from beginning to end. A novel can still be a novel without the use of symbolism but a reader might now be able to relate or enjoy the story told as much if it lacks connections and underlying meanings. Using symbols, such as mirrors, glass, and windows, is like using color in a painting; one that uses vivid colors usually catches one’s attention over one lacking much color just like a novel with strong connections might attract a reader over a novel that lacks symbolism. In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair , mirrors, glass, and windows are used repeatedly as symbols to emphasize the main points of the novels and to connect the end of the novels to the beginning. Mirrors are used to see a reflection. Sometimes, when a person looks into a mirror, they can see more than their image. When I look at myself in a mirror, I oftentimes find myself wandering off in thought about my actions, my thoughts and my peers. In the beginning of Jane Eyre , Jane comes across a mirror and analyzes her appearance. Jane notes: Returning, I had to cross before the looking-glass; my fascinated glance involuntarily explored the depth it revealed. All looked colder and darker in that visionary hollow than in reality: and the strange little figure there gazing at me,
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Final Essay(End of the Affair and Jane Eyre) - GHUM 200...

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