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Carissa Niro Topics in Contemporary Math September 24, 2007 Fermat article This article lays out all of the specifics of Fermat’s last theorem as well as detailing many important aspects of Fermat’s life, leading him to his theorem. Pierre de Fermat, one of the most famous number theorists who ever lived, was really a lawyer during his life. He only dabbled in mathematics. Publishing only one mathematical paper in his life, his theorem states that the area of a right triangle cannot be a square. In other words, according to Wikipedia.com, Fermat’s Last Theorem states that “it is impossible to separate any power higher than the second into two like powers.” In his mathematical paper, Fermat states: “I have discovered a truly remarkable proof which this margin is too small to contain”. The original proof was never found, and it took hundreds of years and several mathematicians later to discover this proof through their own work. Finally, the answer was discovered by Andrew Wiles, who filled in all the holes and solidified the
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