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Be implemented on a stack how about breadth first

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Unformatted text preview: g h Depth-first search could be implemented on a stack How about breadth-first search Design and Analysis of Algorithms – Chapter 4 18 Breadth-first search algorithm bfs(v) count := count + 1 mark v with count mark for each vertex v∈ V initialize queue with v initialize do do while queue is not empty do if v is marked if a := front of queue with 0 for each vertex w adjacent to a do for BFS(G) count :=0 mark each vertex with 0 bfs(v) bfs(v) if w is marked with 0 if count := count + 1 count mark w with count mark add w to the end of the queue add remove a from the front of the queue remove from Design and Analysis of Algorithms – Chapter 4 19 Breadth-first search: Notes a BFS has same efficiency as DFS and can be BFS implemented with graphs represented as: implemented • • Adjacency matrices: Θ(V2) Adjacency Adjacency linked lists: Θ(V+E) Adjacency Design and Analysis of Algorithms – Chapter 4 20 In-class exercise In-class a Exercise 3.2.3 Gadget testing • A firm wants to determine the highest floor of firm its n-story headquarters from which a gadget can fall with no imp...
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