DI chapters 6 and 7

DI chapters 6 and 7 - Chapters 6 and 7 Medical...

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Chapters 6 and 7 Medical Field: *Massive amounts of data now being collected *Chance of cures being discovered is increasing etc. DNA Analysis: *Analysis of DNA will lead to more understanding of diseases *Massive amount of computing power is needed, however. *6.2 million differences in the genetic code between any two humans *Personalized medical treatments Federated Computing: *Using a large number of computers to compute pieces of a larger dataset *Will be needed to parse large data sets (DNA, SERENDIP/SETI) *Allows for comparison of diseases on a massive scale *Institutions uniting their computing power Radiology - collect and exploit data over period of time & draw inferences - moving toward computer-aided diagnostics based on data collections - some privacy and security concerns - eventually, can have access to patient data in any location (ex: when traveling) Hospitals - need for integration of data sources from hospitals and private practices - electronic patient records - RFID tags: in operating rooms to reduce error, improve efficiency - RFID tags: in patient rooms - eICU –remote monitoring of patients aim of improved and personalized patient care
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DI chapters 6 and 7 - Chapters 6 and 7 Medical...

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