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Alex Cherubin Gen. Bio AF Topic #5 Bibliography Fisher, B. E. (1999). The path to DNA repair. Environmental health perspectives 107, A402-A403. Gensler, H. L. and Bernstein, H. (1981). DNA damage as the primary cause of aging. The quarterly review of biology 56, 279-303. Liang, F., and Wang, Y. (2007). DNA damage checkpoints inhibit mitotic exit by two different mechanisms. Molecular and cellular biology 27, 5067-5078. Lombard, D. B., Chua, K. F., Mostoslavsky, R., Franco, S., Gostissa, M., and Alt, F. W. (2005). DNA repair, genome stability, and aging. Cell 120, 497-512.
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Unformatted text preview: Nijnik, A., Woodbine, L., Marchetti, C., Dawson, S., Lambe, T., Liu, C., Rodrigues, N. P., Crockford, T. L., Cabuy, E., Vindigni, A., Enver, T., Bell, J. I., Slijepcevic, P., Goodnow, C. C., Jeggo, P. A., and Cornall, R. J. (2007). DNA repair is limiting for haematopoietic stem cells during ageing. Nature 447, 686-691. Rossi, D. J., Bryder, D., Seita, J., Nussenzweig, A., Hoeijmakers, J., and Weissman, I. L. (2007). Deficiencies in DNA damage repair limit the function of haematopoietic stem cells with age. Nature 447, 725-730....
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