Multiple Reaction Conversion Notes

Che che 400 reactive process engineering parallel

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Unformatted text preview: CAe CA0 CA If rctn order of desired reaction > rctn order of side reaction, If rctn order rctn order side reaction, PFR better, otherwise CSTR better Why? ChE ChE 400 - Reactive Process Engineering Parallel Reaction Networks L11-12 L11- More interesting case: Network of many parallel reactions, SD’ 1 some with higher r.o., some with lower r.o. than desired reaction CAe CA0 Optimum yield for CSTR first, followed by PFR (Exact shape of S’-CA curve, and hence also precise sizing of reactors is dependent on specific network!) CA ChE ChE 400 - Reactive Process Engineering Conversion in Multireaction Systems L11-13 L11- Let’s again consider the simple parallel reaction system: A -> B, r1= k1 CA A -> C, r2= k2 CA How can we express the concentrations CA, CB, CC in terms of XA? We can’t – at least not directly! We have to distinguish between XA,1 and XA,2! While we still can define a XA = (NA0 – NA)/NA0 , we have to distinguish between the different pathways to do our ‘book-keeping’ (i.e. mass balan...
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