Multiple Reaction Conversion Notes

Toa world production c2h6 c2h4 h2 i ethene ethylene

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Unformatted text preview: g of ethane (~ 80 bio. to/a world production!): C2H6 -> C2H4 + H2 (I) ethene (ethylene) formation C2H6 -> C2H2 + 2 H2 (II) acetylene formation C2H4 -> C2H2 + H2 (III) acetylene formation from ethylene C2H6 + H2 -> 2 CH4 (IV) methane formation 3 C2H6 -> C6H6 + 6 H2 (V) benzene formation C2H6 -> 2 C(s) + 3 H2 (VI) coke formation C2H2 -> 2 C(s) + H2 (VII) coke formation (explosion!) (VII) C(s) + H2O -> CO + H2 (VIII) coke gasification (VIII) We distinguish between parallel reactions and series reactions. ChE ChE 400 - Reactive Process Engineering Conversion, Selectivity, Yield L11-4 L11- Simple example: A -> B; A -> C (caveat : Conversion: X j = Selectivity: or: SB = SB = Yield: FB = YB FA0 preferred form ! (remark : you must be sure that you know all products!) YB = XA . SB Production rate: note the formulation with mol numbers, not concentrations! -> Why?!) (and similar for C) Typically, selectivity is the crucial quantity! Typically, selectivity is t...
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