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Practice_Mid_Term1 - 70-122 Sol u t ion to P r a c t i c e...

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1 70-122 Solution to Pra c ti ce Mid-T e rm Exam I Fall 2011 Nam e : _________________________ L ec tur e S e ss ion _______________ (8:30 or 9:30 s e ss ion) R ec itation S e ss ion ______________ Andr e w ID: ____________________ In s tru c tion s : 1. This is a c lo s e d book , c lo s e d not e s exam. 2. This exam has 2 parts and 6 pages (including this cover page). 3. You can earn a maximum of 100 points on this exam and have 50 minut e s to complete it. 4. Follow the instructions for each problem carefully and show intermediate calculation steps if required by the instruction. 5. If you have questions, please raise your hand or come to my place. 6. Only ba s i c four-fun c tion c al c ulator s may b e u s e d during th e e xam . Calculators which have the capability to store text are not allowed to be used. During exams, all cell phones, PDAs and portable media players must be kept in backpacks or carrying cases that are placed on the floor. 7. Please arrange all 6 pag e s in proper order and staple them before turning in the exam (stapler will be provided).
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2 Qu e s tion 1: Dr. David Medford started a company called Medford Corporation on January 1
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