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Speaker Summary 3 - a manager is or does the following...

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Mitch Morgan BUS 651 Professor Waldeck 10 October 2013 Cincinnati Financial Speaker Summary Don Doyle Jr. spoke great points to us during his presentation about leadership. Cincinnati Financial is a company headquartered in Fairfield, which has received numerous distinctions for the work that they do including being the most trustworthy company in the United States. They have also increased their dividends for 53 straight years, the longest streak in the U.S. Their main way to make money is called “The Float”. This states that they don’t make money on the premiums we pay, but the equities they receive. They invest that money in order to make their profits. The main topic of the day was determining the difference between a leader and a manager. A leader is or does the following: steps up into the role, inspirational, leads by example, charismatic, preaches, influences, is a mentor, strategic, and looks for change. On the other hand,
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Unformatted text preview: a manager is or does the following: appointed to the position, respected because of their rank, directs, commands, counts, is professional, tows the line, follows rules, and executes changes. A leader is more of a “we” focus, while a manager is more of a “me” focus. A leader is something that is hard to teach, while a manager can be easily taught on what to do. We also learned that it doesn’t matter where you went to school. The school on your diploma might get you the job. But, it’s the work you put in that keeps you at the job. He also taught us that you have to “kill the sacred cows” in order to be successful as a leader or manager. Overall, the presentation was well organized and I learned a lot from what he spoke about. It was very insightful....
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