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VIRGINIA AND WHITE SLAVERY comparison with New England - There are issues of money, European workers (people seen as inferior), which leads to slavery. Before race, the parameters of the US are set. When people settled in New England, you had to have been part of a church in England. It was pretty much formed by religious ideals. “Money, Honey” – Money and motivation to get money is what started Virginia. John Smith, a leader in Virginia, knew that the only reason why people went to Virginia was to make money. The ultimate goal of going to Virginia was to make money and immediately leave the colonies. push and pull of immigration – The pull of perhaps becoming a rich man in the new N. American colonies and the push was that England was in a depression, and people didn’t have much of a choice. Pilgrims, government of Christ in exile, GREAT example. English economic depression – Things were going very badly in England, particularly for those in the bottom half of the population. 45% were below the poverty line, those who did not own land were hit the hardest. fear of landlessness – this was the most feared position of an Englishman, the greatest goal was to have ownership of one’s own labor. To work for someone else was to be a slave – a word of despair (even before Africans came to N. American soil). Virginia promised a way out of this dilemma, (a promise Virginia ultimately did not live up to) to become your own master. In this promise, they were creating a dependency and a labor system that was far worse than what the peasants in Europe. Roanoke Island (1585) – This settlement was founded before all of the other immigrants came to N. America (about 45 years). lack of community – Virginia should have been the most dominant colony in N. America, but every mistake they could have made was made. The colonists created a system of white slavery that preceded African American slavery. Virginia was settled first because that was what the government wanted to be settled. The English government wanted something from the colony that they didn’t have already (cocoa, wine, gold).
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Sir Walter Raleigh – the leader at Roanoke Island. He was Queen Elizabeth’s “favorite man” when he settled at Roanoke. They settled so south because they wanted a good port for pirate ships to settle (those ships that were stealing from the Spanish). Raleigh was a privateer, a pirate who agrees to give half of what they get to the government. These settlers did not think to make money growing food, and when they needed food they raided Indian camps and then killed them all when they were through. This ended up killing them, literally, and when a pirate ship came through people were begging them to take them off N. America. London/Virginia Company – company formed that was able to give
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