Exam 2 Review - REVIEW SESSION: Possible essay questions...

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REVIEW SESSION: Possible essay questions – What this or was this not a revolution? The Revolutionary War was not the revolution, what happened leading up to it was the revolution; in the minds and the hearts of the people. There was a shift in mentality – they started out thinking they were just an extension of the British (Tobacco Gentry). Shift in identity – start with no common language, religion, heritage, etc – went to a common government. The new American identity was a common government, art and architecture (creating a built environment to symbolize a new identity, Common Sense ( Common Sense united them in a way nothing else was able to do because it talked to the masses by using daily metaphors, uses Biblical language, doesn’t only talk about Greek masters. He revealed that the king WAS the bad guy along with Parliament; colonists have conflicting feelings and cannot decide whether or not to go to war; Common Sense shows that the king is a tyrant, etc. He was talking about a society of the common man and creating a republic, democracy. Thomas Paine was poor, came from England to Philadelphia and had no formal
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Exam 2 Review - REVIEW SESSION: Possible essay questions...

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