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Unformatted text preview: cesses. ¶ Secondly, as the election just demonstrated, Maduro is not Chávez, and his capacity to whip up anything but official violence against Venezuelans protesting in the streets is extremely doubtful (Warning: graphic photos here). In short, no one should be misled by the noisemakers.¶ A continued firm stand on behalf of a clean election will resonate positively throughout the region, sending a strong signal to all democrats that the United States does indeed care and that intimidation and violence have no place in any democracy. It is not likely that such sentiments will sway Maduro and his Cuban advisors to accept any sort of recount, but it will certainly place the United States on the right side of the debates and confrontations to come. More ev – no rapprochement Villarreal ‘13 (Ryan Villarreal, journalist based in New York City – Specializes in Latin America, “Diplomacy War Or Political Theater? Maduro Ramps Up Anti­US Rhetoric As Venezuelan Elections Approach”, March 12 2013,­war­or­ political­theater­maduro­ramps­anti­us­rhetoric­venezuelan­elections­approach ) The U.S. and Venezuela have both expelled diplomats from each other’s countries amid high political tensions i...
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