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Unformatted text preview: ing all compromise as demonstrations of weakness. Only victory can legitimate diplomacy; compromised settlements only encourage further challenges, and are synonymous with appeasement. Madeleine Albright reported a typical example in her memoirs, explaining that during Bosnia negotiations "the ordinarily hawkish Jamie Rubin urged me to compromise on a particular measure. I glared and said, 'Jamie, do you think we're in Munich?'"56 After Jimmy Carter's now­famous mission helped find common ground between Pyongyang and Washington in 1994, McCain worried that the deal "will have changed the balance of power in Europe and the Middle East. That it will have changed for the worse is obvious."57 Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer labeled the compromise on the same peninsula in 2003 "an abject cave­in," which would prove to be a "threat to American credibility everywhere."58 ¶ This is not meant to suggest, of course, that individual cases of belligerence or interve...
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