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Unformatted text preview: aking photo op between Secretary of State John Kerry and Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elías Jaua at last week's Organization of American States meeting in Guatemala.¶ Certainly it would be understandable if a U.S.­Venezuelan rapprochement was the product of some identifiable change in that government's behavior ­­ some nod to the legitimacy of the opposition's complaints, maybe a commitment to stop berating the United States and friendly countries, or perhaps even a public pledge to finally cooperate on counternarcotics policy. Yet none of this has occurred. Instead, this is what we have seen from the Maduro government in the last ¶ few months:¶ ¶ Accused the United States of giving Ch ávez his cancer¶ Repeatedly accused the United States of fomenting instability in Venezuela, including alleging that former U.S. officials had entered the country to poison him¶ Expelled two U.S. military attachés from the U.S. Embassy, accusing them of destabilizing the country¶ Insulted Obama as "the...
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