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Unformatted text preview: n of statist policies to replace free­market policies with sot policies. In this uncertain regional environment, allowing Castro back into the community of civi­ lized nations in the Western Hemisphere would be analogous to inviting a fox into a chicken coop. Without any doubt, Castro would continue to press his personal war against the United States, seek­ ing at every turn to undermine vital U.S. interests in institutions such as the Inter­American Devel­ opment Bank and the Organization of American States. Because of Castro's hostility to the U.S., it would be foolish to think that his favor could be bought with aid, investments, or other American help. No one should expect that lifting the em­ bargo would produce a friendly or cooperative Fidel Castro. The Cuban dictator will take the money Americans and others give him, but no one should expect him to embrace democracy, free 2 markets, and the American way of life. Even with the embargo lifted, Castro's regime would likely remain very unfriendly to the U.S. and its interests. The benefits of taming Castro with aid and in­ vestments, which would be few in any event, would be far outweighed by the long­range trouble caused by th...
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