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Unformatted text preview: ntations are generally not regarded as seriously as the Taiwan Straits and the Korean peninsula standoffs. But the South China Sea is more unpredictable, and certainly warrants much closer and more sustained attention by strategists and policy­makers. It is in the South China Sea that the components of Asia’s changing power dynamics are most concentrated and on display: China’s growing strategic heft and paranoid sense of entitlement; its Southeast Asian neighbours’ hopes and misgivings about China’s regional dominance; and the United States’ compulsion to meet China’s strategic challenge . The South China Sea is a tangle of competing and mutually complicating claims over territory, resources and navigation rights. Geopolitically, it is like the Bermuda triangle, reversing expected alignments and suspending normal rules of the game. It pits Asia’s two most significant Communist countries, China and Vietnam, against each other, unites usually bitter enemies China and Taiwan, and is drawing the United States back to...
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