Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: EASEMENT DISADVANTAGE 7-WEEK JUNIORS MICHIGAN 2013 CFJPV and the Philippines. The overriding goal of Chinese naval strategy is to establish dominance over the waters within this ‘first island chain ’. At the southern end of the first island chain, the South China Sea is crucial to China’s commercial shipping , energy flows, and the access of its Hainan island­based submarines to the Pacific. But the South China Sea’s southern and western access points – the Sunda, Lombok, Luzon and Malacca Straits – are controlled by allies or partners of the United States. The best way to offset this vulnerability is to control the South China Sea itself – and thereby loosen the American position in Southeast Asia. Influential elites in China view the South China Sea as ‘blue territory’ – that is, as much a part of China’s sovereign territory as Tibet, Xinjiang or Taiwan. To this line of thinking, any surrender of its claims in the South China Sea would signal a weakening of its rights to Tibet, Xinjiang or Taiwan – and is therefore unthinkable. China’s 1...
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