Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: deadly world. We face not one arms race but many, in which weapons of mass destruction have fallen­­or are falling­­into the most desperate hands. Rogue adversaries covet nuclear, chemical, or biological capabilities to obliterate ancient enemies or to terrorize their way into the circles of the great powers. They are also rapidly acquiring the long­range missiles to deliver awesome destruction to our allies' and our own shores. A congressionally chartered Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States under the chairmanship of Donald Rumsfeld concluded in 1998 that Iran and North Korea will be able "to inflict major destruction on the United States" within five years and Iraq within ten. How the United States handles rogue states will be of decisive importance to America's well­being and global primacy. If it is judged timorous in the use of power, it will be open to challenge as its own vulnerability becomes apparent. Clausewitz, the famous Prussian military theorist, emphasized that war is to be u...
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