Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: o d’himmitude (official second­class subject status) in the new Arab state of Palestine that will replace it;¶ ∙ why Hezbollah, in defiance of UN Resolutions, is now stronger and better armed in southern Lebanon than they were prior to the 2006 Second Lebanon War;¶ ∙ why Syria continues to subvert Lebanese democracy, murders its political and religious leaders, arms Hezbollah, facilitates the transfer of terrorists across its borders, provides offices for them in Damascus, has banned all IAEA access to the destroyed al­Kibar reactor since 2008, and has strengthened its military ties with Iran (to which the U.S. has responded by rewarding Syrian aggression with the appointment of the first American ambassador in five years );¶ ∙ why Hamas and Hezbollah, without fear of consequences, continue to commit war crimes by firing missiles into Israeli towns and cities, use civilians, schools, ambulances and mosques as shields and are convinced that Israel and the Western powers lack the resolve to stop them;¶ ∙ w...
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