Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: ccording to several expert observers. ¶ Yet, in this age of the online social media, a 24­hour news cycle, hungry blogosphere and Wikipedia, it is a risk to assume that any electronic communication will be kept private. And all communications can be rendered electronic. ¶ Furthermore, the QFR took a step toward stating official U.S. positions on Venezuela—something which many have been asking for and seeking from the State Department for years. Despite this legitimate demand, the State Department seems to prefer to keep Venezuela on the backburner. At least until the pot boils over. Given the costly complexities of Iraq and Afghanistan, must Venezuela be another mess in which we meddle? ¶ To note, Palmer—true to his venerable professionalism as an American Foreign Service officer ­ takes all responsibility for the controversy that arose from the publication of the QFR. But I must ask: should it really be a job requirement that an ambassador knows how "questions for the record" are handled? Of course not.¶ So, what was the understanding between the legislative and executive branches?¶ It's not clear whether some soug...
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