Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: ssador. Those, unfortunately, have always been the wages of appeasement with petty dictators. The plan continues the policy of appeasement towards Venezuela­ allows Chavez to always get what he wants Harper 10(Liz Harper, Americas Quarterly, December 21 2010, Venezuela’s Formal Rejection of Ambassador­Designate Larry Palmer,,PS) The long­running debate over how to deal with the irrational and impulsive strongman, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, has reached feverish pitch this winter. The latest casualty in this war of words has become U.S. Ambassador Larry Palmer, the Obama administration's nomination as ambassador to Venezuela. Worse yet, Chávez ultimately got what he wanted out of this latest battle: his choice of who will not be our next Ambassador in Venezuela. On Monday, Venezuela formally told the U.S. to not bother sending Larry Palmer as the next ambassador since he would be asked to return the moment he landed in Caracas. How did this all go ¶ down?¶ Lik...
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