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Unformatted text preview: o against Cuba, in place since 1962, which undoubtedly is the thing Havana most wants done away with ­­ without any concessions on Cuba's part, of course. Lifting the embargo won't normalize relations, but instead legitimize ­­ and wave the white flag to ­­ Fidel's 50­year fight against the Yanquis, further lionizing the dictator and encouraging the Latin American Left. Because the economy is nationalized, trade will pour plenty of cash into the Cuban national coffers ­­ allowing Havana to suppress dissent at home and bolster its communist agenda abroad . The last thing we should do is to fill the pockets of a regime that'll use those profits to keep a jackboot on the neck of the Cuban people. The political and human­rights situation in Cuba is grim enough already. The police state controls the lives of 11 million Cubans in what has become an island prison. The people enjoy none of the basic civil liberties ­­ no freedom of speech, press, assembly or association. Security types monitor foreign journalists, restrict Internet access and foreign news and censor the domestic media. The regime holds more than 200 political dissidents in jai...
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