Appeasement DA 2 - Michigan7 2013


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Unformatted text preview: ls that rats won't live in. We also don't need a pumped­up Cuba that could become a serious menace to US interests in Latin America, the Caribbean ­­ or beyond (The likes of China, Russia and Iran might also . look to partner with a revitalized Cuba.) With an influx of resources, the Cuban regime would surely team up with the rulers of nations like Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia to advance som and anti­Americanism in the Western Hemisphere . The embargo has stifled Havana's ambitions ever since the Castros lost their Soviet sponsorship in the early 1990s. Anyone noticed the lack of trouble Cuba has caused internationally since then? Contrast that with the 1980s some time. Regrettably, 110 years after independence from Spain (courtesy of Uncle Sam), Cuba still isn't free. Instead of utopia, it has become a dystopia at the hands of the Castro brothers. The US embargo remains a matter of principle ­­ and an appropriate response to Cuba's brutal repression of its people. Giving in to...
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