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Unformatted text preview: sive in combating TOC transnational connections, remains sensitive to unique local realities behind seemingly ubiquitous behaviors. global terms, a strategy based on geopolitics—the fundamental understanding of how human behavior relates to geographic space—must always be rooted in the local. The signal of appeasement ignites a host of conflicts and collapses hegemony Cohen 3­19 [Eliot. Director of Strategic Studies at Johns Hopkins. “Eliot Cohen: American Withdrawal and Global Disorder” The Wall Street Journal, 3/19/13 ln] In Mr. Obama's second term the limits of such withdrawal from conventional military commitments abroad will be tested. In East Asia, an assertive China has bullied the Philippines (with which the U.S. has a 61­year­old defense pact) over the Spratly islands, and China has pressed its claims on Japan (a 53­year­old defense pact) over the Senkaku Islands. At stake are territorial waters and mineral resources—symbols of China's drive for hegemony and an outburst of national egotism. Yet when Shinzo Abe, the new prime minister of an unders...
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