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Unformatted text preview: role has been pivotal. Despite domestic isolationist pulls, the United States, more than ever, is the key international player . No other state or global body commands similar world standing. The United Nations, on which so much optimistic expectation rested following World War II, is judged ineffectual in major crises. Even after the conclusion of bipolarism, the United Nations Security Council suffers from nationalistic divisions. The anticipation of a veto from one of the other four permanent members (Britain, China, France, Russia) holds American initiatives hostage to a watered­down consensus. (Likewise, America's veto power works to constrain the ambitions of China and Russia in the Security Council.) Hard realities, not mere altruism, mean that America must act not like a policeman but like a sheriff in the old Western frontier towns, acting alone on occasion, relying on deputies or long­ standing allies, or looking for a posse among regional partner s. Or, in some cases, it may look for another sheriff, or regional power, to organize local forces.3 It cannot allow desperad...
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