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Unformatted text preview: s of miles beyond the region considered in this study , significantly complicating the recovery process and the restoration of economic activity while producing economic consequences roughly 10 times greater than those impacting the Baltimore­Washington­Richmond region,” the study said at the time. North Korea would proliferate wmds in Latin America Gertz 13(Bill Gertz, senior editor of the Washington Free Beacon, he was a national security reporter, editor, and columnist for 27 years at the Washington Times. B"Military Cooperation Between Cuba, North Korea Revealed" July 16, 2013­cooperation­between­cuba­north­korea­revealed/ , RLA) Richard Fisher, a military affairs spet, said the seizure of the shipment should be a major concern for the United States.¶ “North Korea, a country soon tobe in a position to export nuclear warhead armed ballistic missiles, now has a missile relationship with Cuba ,” said Fisher, a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center.¶ “So in Latin America...
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