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Unformatted text preview: al opponents. Panamanian military thugs had also assaulted and killed two American servicemen and attacked members of their families stationed in the Canal Zone. Believing that Noriega's presence endangered the smooth transfer of the canal to Panamanian authority, Bush opted for military intervention. In December 1989 a U.S. airborne invasion­­the largest deployed since the Vietnam War­­dismantled the PDF, captured Noriega, transported him to a Miami jail to await federal trial and eventual conviction, and restored democracy to Panama.¶ Finally, Bush led the largest military coalition since World War II to expel Iraq from Kuwait in 1990. He mobilized a 500,000­strong U.S.­led force, convinced a reluctant Congress to back a war against Baghdad, and organized a thirty­nation coalition, many of them Arab countries, to repulse Iraq. His achievement represented a post=ncold war high­watermark in U.S. leadership resolved to back American diplomacy with real power.¶ The Grenada, Panama, and Iraq expeditionary operations shared salient s...
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