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Unformatted text preview: n Missiles to North Korea: Did Raul Castro Want to Get Caught?" 7/24/ 13­sanchez/cuban­missiles­to­north­k_b_3642709.html , RLA) Evidently the relations between old ideological allies are still placed above pragmatic diplomatic strategies. Old comrades are still prioritized, although to the eyes of the world they are seen as a family dynasty, a recalcitrant violator of the human rights of their citizens, constantly threatening the rest of the planet with nuclear conflict. The fellow travelers support each other, so they have to violate the same UN resolutions to achieve it. ¶ Now that the boxes of missiles are discovered ­­ the MIG­21 airplanes and the rocket batteries ­­ it remains to be known how Raul Castro will get out of such a delicate situation. An apology would not be enough, because the government would still have to comply with some diplomatic sanction resulting from its actions. Acting the fool and reaffirming their "sovereign right" to send arms to be "repaired" in North Korea, will further isolate the island's authorities at a time when economic support f...
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