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Unformatted text preview: as shown no sign of reforming his system or ending repression. The idea that trade promotes human rights is a self­serving myth promoted by corporate America, and there's little reason to believe that an end to the embargo would automatically improve the political situation in Cuba. Easing the embargo before Castro agrees to change sends the wrong signal Castro continues to defy international standards on democracy and human rights, and lifting the embargo now would be to reward that defiance. His regime rejected even the reformist communism of Gorbachev in the '80s, but even though it has struggled to survive economically in the '90s, it has steadfastly maintained its hard line. Democracy should be the condition for lifting the embargo. Signal of the plan’s key Bustillo 5­9 (Mitchell, “Time to Strengthen the Cuban Embargo”, International Policy Digest, 2013, When thinking of U.S.­Cuba relations, the trade embargo, or el bloqueo, is first and foremost on people...
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